What We Do


Each of our clients has unique needs and different from other clients. We always provide solutions that address the needs of the client is fundamental. The solutions we offer will we adjust to the business processes that are run by the client and within the standards of information technology and communications industry.

Data Manipulation

Our clients generally already have the infrastructure that has been running. We provide the ability conversion, migration, and synchronization of data from and to the desired database so that the client still has the consistency of data and flexibility between existing solutions and new.


We provide consulting based on the analysis and assessment of existing systems and compare it with the system to be implemented. Comparison earlier will determine the pace and technology options that should be considered in order to gain strategic advantage. Optimization of our covers business processes, procedural, policy, database, and client-server connectivity to obtain the ratio of operating costs or investments to benefit the most profitable.


With the rapid advancement of technology in various platforms, we provide services such as feasibility studies for clients who want to migrate to another platform, accompanied by technical assistance and procedures to make the migration process went smoothly and the user immediately feel the benefits. This service has proven to cut operating costs and the potential productivity loss at our client side and includes capabilities not previously obtained in previous platorm.

Networking & Security

To complement our service as a one stop solution provider, we have a reliable partner who cooperate with us based on the framework that we have implemented in the client. The solutions we offer include WAN and LAN connectivity design, security hardening (server and client), and network optimization. It is useful to improve network performance and ensure that the client has used the hardware capability with the best and cost effective before the client considers to perform the upgrade.